How I Get Through Mother’s Day Without A Mom

Last year I wrote about church, and how it’s not a place you’ll find me on Mother’s Day. That sentiment still rings true for me because Mother’s Day always lands on a Sunday, church day.

Church is usually an exciting, joyful experience, with this one exception.

I’ve just learned that for myself, I can’t handle the “mom talk” that pastors usually do on this day, so I skip it.

If this is your first Mother’s Day or your 40th without a mom, you might agree that it still hurts just as much. Even though it is a contrived holiday by the greeting card industry, it still makes us feel like we can’t contribute and that we are missing out when we don’t have a mom to buy a gift or a card for.

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Sex and relationships: Is love part of the equation anymore?

We are exposed daily to sexual images, innuendos, and conversations in our society. Whether we see them on TV, they come from people passing us on the street or even from our own family -- it’s inevitable and we can’t avoid it.

As someone in my early twenties, I admit that I was thrust into this sexually driven culture more rapidly when I began college. I attended a Christian university, but even a controlled environment like that was still subject to subliminal images and messages.

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